Selected Publications

  1. Novel: Let There Be Light
  2. Novel: Sink
  3. Forbes: Social Entrepreneurship Careers
  4. Forbes: Clean Energy Around the World
  5. Forbes: Clean Energy’s Glorious Bargain
  6. Forbes: Funding Sources for clean energy development
  7. Solar Industry Magazine: Why Efficiency Makes Sense with Solar
  8. Efficiency Law: To Be or Not to Be: Cleantech Start-ups in a Recession
  9. arXiv: Numerical Green’s Function Modeling of One-Dimensional Quantum Transport
  10. U.S. Department of Energy: Modeling Superconducting Magnets to Optimize Luminosity for the LHC 
  11. Harvard University: Under The Radar: Physics, Engineering, & the Distortion of a WWII Legacy
  12. Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Physics: Scribble While We Work
  13. TCS Daily: The Imaginary ‘Pink Tide’ 
  14. TCS Daily: Torture and the Nation 
  15. TCS Daily: Argentina’s Ailment online at TCS Daily, November 2007
  16. TCS Daily: Profile in Courage
  17. The New AtlantisNotes and Briefs  
  18. US Patent: No 10,417,565. System, Method, and Computer Program for Modeling Energy Consumption in a Building.

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