Pedestal Launch Party July 24th!

The Pedestal Book Launch Party is happening this Wednesday, July 24th at 7:30 pm ET in New York City!

For virtual attendees, feel free to attend here.

For in-person attendees, space is limited, so please send a private message through the contact form for details on how to rsvp.

Pedestal: What Makes American Democracy Stable And Why Your Everyday Thoughts, Words & Actions Determine Its Success is now available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, and kindle.


More than three-quarters of Americans today fear for their democracy. Popular anxiety centers on America’s political institutions–presidents, legislatures, courts, political parties, and elections–but this focus is backwards. The foundational strength of American democracy lies not within institutions, but inside the quotidian thoughts, words, and deeds of ordinary citizens. Merging insights across history, political philosophy, and modern psychology, Pedestal takes its readers on a tumultuous journey among ancient Israelite lawmakers, classical Greek philosophers, Roman emperors, Enlightenment aristocrats, America’s Founders, antebellum orators, Civil Rights leaders, and modern social psychologists to identify the three specific cultural practices that have allowed American democracy to survive its greatest threats. With forceful and compassionate clarity, Pedestal shows worried Americans—whether their views are on the right, center, or left— why their everyday words and actions are the key to preserving their mighty, fragile republic.